Brown & Mountain Hare Paintings


Here are a selection of my pictures and paintings of hares. There are two species found in Britain. I have studied in the wild and then painted both the brown hare Lepus europaeus and the mountain hare Lepus timidus.

  wildlifeart Original Painting for sale: Brown hare by Martin Ridley
Brown Hare
Oils, 12 x 24 inches

Brown Hare Print

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Photo of a brown hare's form  by Martin Ridley
A recently vacated brown hare form


There are many different strategies which animals adopt to cope with danger the powerful legs of hares give a clue as to theirs.

Most animals hide away in cover for protection but hares rely on seeing any danger coming, with eyes placed high on their heads hares have exceptional all round vision and if a predator approaches their speed will prevail and carry them to safety.


Brown hares are predominantly active during the hours of darkness, during the day they rest up in a shallow scrape in the ground called a form. Surprisingly the hare sits right out in the open and is only partly concealed.

The fact that hares sit out in the open makes studying them much easier I can bring a distant dot in a field into sharp focus through my telescope.

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  Hare paintings, Lepus europaeus: Painting of brown hare, Lepus capensis by Martin Ridley
  Skipping Hare
Oils, 9 x 16 inches

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Hare paintings: Painting of brown hares, Lepus europaeus
  Sunbathing Brown Hares
Oils, 18 x 24 inches
Hare paintings: Brown hares, lapwing and grey plover  by Martin Ridley
  Hares, Lapwings and Grey Plovers
Oils, 20 x 30 inches
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  Hare paintings: A painting of brown hares  by Martin Ridley
  Gamboling Hares
Watercolours, 16 x 23 inches
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  Hare paintings: Painting of a brown hare, Lepus capensis enjoying the sun by martin ridley
  Sunbathing Brown Hare
Watercolours, 16 x 20 inches

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"Sunbathing Hare"

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brown hare print - picture of a brown hare

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  Mountain hare paintings: Painting of mountain hares, Lepus timidus chasing over the snow
  Mountain Hares
Oils, 16 x 28 inches
Mountain Hare Prints
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  Hares paintings: A painting of brown hares chasing
  Running Brown Hares
Oils, 12 x 23 inches

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