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My techniques for watching wild foxes and some of the resulting pictures of foxes, sketches and finished paintings. Detailed information about my working methods including both the creative processes and my techniques for observing foxes. I hope that you find some of my fox / wildlife watching tips useful.

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  Available as a limited edition print - Pictures of Foxes 1 : Fox Vulpes vulpes
  Stalking Fox, Watercolour, 3 x 10 inches
Available as a limited edition print
Red fox prints
Pictures of Foxes 2 : Fox watching hide
  HIDE No. 1    

Rural foxes are one of the most difficult mammals to watch. Foxes have to be alert to the slightest hint of danger. Centuries of persecution by man have made it a matter of survival.

They have the keenest senses and an intelligence to match. Watching foxes without them detecting your presence is quite a challenge.


Over three years I made an intensive study of foxes on a local farm, by the end of which time I had constructed seven tree hides overlooking all the areas of greatest fox activity.

There are several advantages to an elevated viewing position:

  • my scent will drift away above the heads of any nearby animals

  • you are not expected to be up in a tree so animals are not looking there for danger

  • there is a better view over uneven ground, I can see over hedges and into blind hollows

  • I will not be stumbled upon by an animal

This last point is particularly important with fox watching. If I were stumbled upon by the vixen while hiding in the undergrowth near the cubbing earth she would probably move the cubs as soon as she could. If they were doing well at their first earth it would be my fault if they moved to a less suitable location.

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      HIDE No. 7  
    Pictures of Foxes 3 : Fox watching hide


You can see foxes regularly once you know their behaviour patterns and by continually asking yourself the question - what would I be doing now if I were a fox? With the hides in place and a knowledge of the local foxes' routines I could watch hours and hours of their behaviour each year without disturbing them.

  Photo of vixen leaving a rabbit for the cubs
  A vixen leaving a rabbit outside the earth  
  Photo of fox cubs playing outside the earth

Two fox cubs playing

  Photo of fox cub
  A curious youngster watching me at the edge of the wood
  Fox sketch
Watercolours, (detail from a sheet of studies)
  Wildlife Art : Stalking fox studies
  Stalking Fox Studies
Watercolours, (detail from a sheet of studies
  Wildlife Art : Fox study
  Stalking Fox Study
Watercolours, (detail from a sheet of studies)
  Wildlife Art Painting: Fox studies
  Hill Foxes
Watercolours, 13 x 15 inches
  Sitting fox, Vulpes vulpes  
  Wildlife Art Painting : Fox, Vulpes vulpes in the sand dunes
  Foxes in the Dunes
Oils, (detail from the painting)
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  Fox, Vulpes vulpes  
  Fox A, Vulpes vulpes   Fox B, Vulpes vulpes
  Fox D, Vulpes vulpes   Fox C, Vulpes vulpes
Wildlifeart Original painting for sale, hill fox
Trotting Fox
Watercolours, 13 x 25 inches, £450
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  Fox Paintings
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  Techniques for watching wild foxes and some of my resulting sketches and paintings