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Canvas prints for sale - "Over the Shoal", Gannets in Flight

A bird print depicting a flock of gannets in flight. They have just spotted a shoal of fish below and the
first gannet is tipping over into a dive. The view point is up 80 feet in the air amongst the gannets.
These birds are spectacular divers, plunging into the ocean at high speed, with their bodies
straightened out like an arrow before striking the water. If a fish is taken after diving, gannets
usually swallow the fish underwater before surfacing.

(Morus bassanus) Northern gannets print entitled "Over the Shoal". The birds are looking down at the surface of the sea below and the first gannet has started a dive. The sun is shining off the surface of the sea.
"Over the Shoal" - Gannets Canvas Print

Reproduced from an original oil painting

Please note: These gannets prints are produced following your order and are posted to you direct from the printers.

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