Wildlife Artist - Martin Ridley

Oil painting depicting a roaring red deer stag with a group of hinds


Welcome - wildlife paintings in progress by Martin Ridley.

Follow the development of a dramatic oil painting depicting a roaring stag with hinds during the rutting season. Follow how a piece of artwork evolves from the initial compositional drawings through to completion.

Roaring red deer stag - painting commission sketch
Wildlife paintings in progress
Oil painting demonstration - Red Deer
Red Deer Stag and hinds - Stalking Scene in oils
Oil painting of Druim Fada above loch Hourn
Druim Fada Ridge, Roaring Stag
Original oil painting
image 24 x 48 inches
Sold 2/7/08 £6745

Available as a Red Deer Canvas Print

I've been working on a new series of paintings depicting American Elk or Wapiti. They are the larger American cousins of the Red Deer.
Several oil paintings are dynamic compositions aiming to convey drama Paintings of Gray Wolves hunting American Elk

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